December 11th, 2019

Perú promotes cinematographic and audiovisual activity through an Decree

President Martin Vizcarra signed Decree Nr° 022-2019 , which has as its main objective to promote cinematographic and audiovisual activity to the ends of contributing to its integral, sustained and inclusive development, as in 2019 it presented a slowdown in its growth and development, putting its dynamics at risk, as well as the circulation and insertion of cinematographic and audiovisual works in the national market, and the competitiveness of the activity.

The decree has as its main purpose to promote and encourage cinematographic and audiovisual activity in an integral and decentralized manner, ensuring its quality, growth and commercial competitiveness; to endorse and safeguard a diversity of cultural expressions; stimulate education in Peru, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences; to promote, promulgate and preserve Peruvian cinematographic and audiovisual works, such as artistic and creative expressions which contribute to the development of culture, as well as the recognition of ethnic and cultural plurality of the Nation; among other points.

Besides, the same decree details that support to the cinematographic and audiovisual activity will consist of decentralized Access to the cinematographic and audiovisual activity; integral, sustained and inclusive development, promoting the production, distribution and exhibition of Peruvian works in the national territory and abroad; professional formation, training and specialization in a national and international scope; stimulation of investigation and diffusion, promoting the development of innovative forms of expression, as investigation, development and application of new technologies.

As far as economic support, the decree points out that the Ministry of Culture is authorized to grant economic help to naturals of Peruvian nationality or juridical entities of private right duly constituted in the country. Such grants are conceded with charge to the sources of the annual institutional budget, assigning for such purposes a minimum of six thousand tax/tributary units, without requesting additional sources to the Public Treasury, being able to dispose of a 5% of this assignation for the administration of such grants.

The norm also points out that the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education promote, in an articulate manner and within the frame of their competencies, the teaching of audiovisual language and its critical appreciation from basic education, procuring its use as a means of learning and cultural diffusion, as well as promoting rights, facilitating the creation and formation of audiences with special emphasis in boys, girls and adolescents. As well, they promote professional formation, training and specialization at a superior level, directed to artists, technicians, professional technicians and professionals in diverse areas, with special emphasis in new producers.

International promotion of cinematographic and audiovisual production is also contemplated, in the national territory, through the Ministry of Culture and the ministry of Foreign Affairs, to carry out actions of international promotion of national cinematographic and audiovisual production, sponsoring its presence in international events. In such way, they shall promote favourable conditions for national and foreign cinematographic and audiovisual production in Peru.

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