August 29th, 2019

DGK presente en la casa del Director Audiovisual Directores Argentinos Cinematográficos

The first week of September, DAC – Directors Argentina – received DGK – Directors Guild of Korea – representatives in its offices : Hyun-jin PARK – Author, Vice President and DGK Board Member, Chanik LIM – Author , Director and Hae-ryung HA – Senior Manager, who especially traveled to Argentina in order to do a timely training in the management of a CMO

At DAC’s premises, they have trained for a week, visiting each of the areas that form the circuit of a CMO of one of the most acknowledged societies in Argentina, in its 61 years of history as from its foundation.

With vast experience, having trained all emerging societies in Latin America, the directors of the DAC areas Collection and Distribution of Rights, Works Registration , IT, International Affairs, Administration and Documentation, were explained the correct steps for their functions, together with the circuit of information, the registration application forms, the convenient systems, types of contracts and pieces, among others.

DGK represents the Guild of Korean Directors today, founded as a cooperative – in the year 2005 – by 300 directors that actively work in the Korean cinematographic industry. The work which the Guild of Korean Directors has been carrying out all this years is the collaboration and the closeness with the Asian societies, working on the possibility of, in a near future, becoming a CMO which protects the rights of Korean audiovisual directors in their territory and around the world. The main objective of this training is to obtain the necessary know how, and the formation of their collaborators.

It is of great importance that knowledge is transmitted, and that help and collaboration among societies becomes a reality, expanding the knowledge of those societies with ample experience in the field of authors ‘rights helps new societies in their formation, and the defence of authors ‘rights, to become a worldwide reality.

On September 4th – in the framework of the training – at the home of the Audiovisual Directors DAC , the Authors Hyun-jin PARK and Chanik LIM, together with the renowned Argentine Authors Marcelo Piñeyro and Tamae Garateguy, have given an open talk to the public about the industry of Korean cinema, its distribution networks and the possibilities of collaboration at an international level, which undoubtedly formed an interesting comparative debate of the production and distribution capacities that Argentine cinema has in the world today. The talk generated a rich exchange of experiences in the industry in both countries, generating queries and doubts from the public present.

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