April 01st, 2020

COVID – 19 and its effect on Creators

A worldwide danger which affects the economy of countries, COVID-19 is today a threat for the entire world, but….How does it affect audiovisual creators of the world.

In the majority of affected countries there is talk of quarantine. The world talks of quarantine. Being this one of the most proper measures – according to experts on a global scale – staying at home and avoiding social contact in order to reduce the strong propagation of this virus which today has humanity on edge, forces us to be in our homes with all types of entertainment. Of course, as usual, one of the most utilized is the audiovisual.

Those movies, TV shows, documentaries that in everyday life one watches from time to time, during this quarantine, become regular and almost of exclusive consumption. But…do we really know what team stands behind this audiovisual? Scriptwriters, Directors and Playwrights – that is to say, Authors that together with their technicians give birth to pieces which become available to us by just turning on the TV or our computer. Pieces which are product of time, effort, money, and carry with them a big team of people, which is to say, a job.

Audiovisual pieces that, as a spectator, one watches repeatedly, according to taste, need, and moreover during these times of protecting our homes and ourselves in the midst of well established social distancing measures. If it entertains us, then it is fair that the Author collects a sum for it.

It is fair, then, that each time we select that movie that really moves us or makes us laugh, or reflect, or generates in us a feeling which we might need, the creator is honestly remunerated. Even if that is a logical stream of thought, it is easy to count that not all audiovisual creators in every country stand within reach of that possibility. This is what we call Authors ‘Right. An unassailable and non transferable right which the audiovisual Author must possess, for their Works of all their lives. This is, precisely, a struggle of many.

In the midst of this lockdown, which the world is regrettably transiting today, it is important that we make a call, an appeal for attention to open TV channels and national signals of each country, with the purpose of mitigating the devastating economic and social effects of this pandemic, to allocate a significant portion of their air time to national audiovisual pieces, by local Authors. Thus, an infinity of movies, novellas and TV shows which have opportunely been accepted and applauded by the audiences, could very well replace foreign programs.

If that should happen, scriptwriters, female and male directors and actors could, through the remuneration derived of such rights – collected and distributed by CMOs of each country – mitigate in some manner the lack of income they are currently experiencing, given the quarantine which has left the population without theatre, cinematographic shootings and television recordings.

Let us help those who entertain us most, emphasizing the value of their rights. Without a doubt this will end, we hope, in a short time and it is then when we shall be more prepared than ever to fight for our right as authors of audiovisual pieces and its fair remuneration in all media where they are exhibited.

For a world united, without pandemics.

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